Room for abundance….

Well, we are into our first week of camp training and so far, we’ve mostly been concentrating on de-cluttering the barn. It’s been something we’ve been talking about doing for years, but this time we decided to attack it more logically.

This is an incredibly long barn, as all of you who have walked through it know. Because of that, there are so many hiding places for so many things. Despite our best intentions in the past, it was always something we would start and be unable to finish on that day. It always seemed like we left things in worse shape and seemed to struggle to find the time to get back to it.

This time we decided to tackle it in a different way. For example: Monday was saddle day and so we all set out through the barn looking for every saddle we could find as well as girths and stirrups. Then we dusted everything off and lined it up so that our saddle fitter, Joe Boutstead from Canterbury Outpost, could check the fit of the saddles on all of the horses. There were saddles that he didn’t feel were worth keeping and it was quite therapeutic to put them in the pile that is ever-growing as it the awaits our trip to the dump.

Today was saddle pad and leg wrap day. We found all of them (we think), sorted out what was worth keeping and again, added more bags to our ‘dump pile’.

It’s going to make everything else a lot easier around here and if we can stick to our goal we’ll get this done in the next week. It’s great to watch all the helpers enthusiastically open up bags and boxes to find out what’s inside. Sometimes the surprise isn’t that pleasant but so far no one has backed down from the challenge.

Frankly, I am getting pretty excited because I think finally, after 21 years, I might actually get down to the boxes of stuff I have never unpacked since we moved here in 1995!

Hope springs eternal…

We really couldn’t be doing this without all of the help and so many, many thanks to all for the much needed enthusiastic assistance.

I read somewhere recently that de-cluttering allows room for abundance in your life. Most days, I feel pretty lucky around here but still, I’ll take all the abundance I can get!

So here’s to a cleaner and more organized barn and very possibly the best summer ever at Harrogate Hills.

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