Beautiful Wapiti


After a number of months on rest, I was really starting to have doubts about Wapiti’s ability to come back. She had lost a lot of weight and this fall/winter she just looked poor.

As people who know me know, I don’t like to retire horses unless I have to. I have had horses over the years that have gone through what I refer to as the ‘transition’. They have gone from being at the top of their game at horse shows, to showing youngsters how to show at our little ‘in house’ horse shows. After a while they transition to lessons that maybe just require hopping over a little cross rail or two. As the years go on they move to lessons that don’t require any jumping at all and whenever possible they move down to just carrying little kids around in walk/trot lessons. It has been my experience that if you can keep them engaged, they stay healthier longer.

I used to retire horses, because I thought it was the right thing to do but, just like people, the ones who do a little work seem to do better and we get to have them with us for a longer time.

Anyway, back to Wapiti. Last night she was ridden for the first time in quite a few months. She looked fantastic! We changed her diet (Purina Senior….I highly recommend it!) she has put on weight and she looked half her age. Sara rode her for about 1/2 an hour and Wapiti looked as happy to be back as we were to have her back.

Well done my old friend!


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Wapiti”

  1. The horse I learned to ride on was in his mid-20’s and still going out for 3 lessons a day, mostly walk/trot, with some canter and some low jumps. He was a great beginner’s horse, though not so great with the more experienced students (he’d often toss them off!! I think he hated to be ‘bossed around’!) He had to be PTS after breaking a foreleg in a fight with another horse. 🙁

    So, yes, my former instructor would definitely agree with your decision. The main thing with seniors is making sure their teeth are in good shape, so they can eat comfortably and maintain weight.

    1. Well, we certainly aren’t expecting Wapiti to do three lessons a day! I won’t even ask that of our young ones. But I agree about the teeth etc…she was a bit of an odd case though…all the usual things checked out fine but she just wasn’t herself. Her weight had dropped but her overall condition just looked ‘poor’. Anyway, whatever it was may remain a mystery but we are just thrilled to have the old girl working her way back into the program.

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